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Customer Testimonials

When we found Danny and his program we were all at our wits end. Danny helped us realize we were defining insanity. However we were so exhausted of trying different ways to help that we can see God guided us to your program at the perfect time because we were so willing to do anything. I am the sister and my brother’s addiction has damaged MY family and the relationship with my husband and children. My parents marriage has struggled from the strain his addiction has caused. All my siblings have been affected by this. Our entire family structure has been impacted significantly. This program brought our entire family to together in the most beautiful and powerful way. We all came together and did everything possible to help him. We came a defining moment of peace of knowing that even know who lost him this program saved our family. Thankfully he is in recovery now and although he is early in that journey we all understand how to support him the right way. We couldn’t be more grateful.

~Courtney B

I lost my husband a few years ago and my children lost their father. My oldest son’s alcoholism however, has been the hardest thing on our family. I’ve almost lost him multiple times now. I literally exhausted myself emotionally, mentally and financially for years. Some of my children have built up resentments towards me for always trying to help my son. What the living proof program has taught me is how to stop reacting. I was in a constant reactionary state. I learned how to start playing offense rather than defense and it changed everything for me and the rest of my family in our approach to help my son.

~Susan M.