Empowering Families

Affected by Addiction

Education and Support Services for Families and Spouses.

The PlayBook For Families.

Meet Danny

Having conquered his own addiction, Danny shares his story of triumph and transformation, inspired by his dreams of becoming a loving husband and father. As he received repeated inquiries from listeners on how to achieve similar outcomes, Danny discovered his true calling: creating a proven path for families affected by addiction, guiding them towards healing and recovery.

The Living Proof Process

The Living Proof Process is an online course for families dealing with addiction, led by Danny who speaks from experience. It provides step-by-step guidance, answers to uncertainties, and access to a private community of like-minded individuals. It includes weekly calls, Q&A sessions, and access to an addiction recovery coach specializing in family support.

Starting is Easy

Below you'll find some free resources to help you get unstuck, feel better, and start finding answers.

Free Masterclass

Get a sneak peak at The Living Proof Process with this free masterclass! Led by Danny, the masterclass offers insights into how the Living Proof Process can help families dealing with addiction.

We’ll cover:

- Identifying what is neutralizing your ability to help

- What to do if they don’t “want it for themselves”

- What you can do today to get unstuck and achieve your goals

Ready to Dive Deeper?

What I teach.

Do you believe this lie about addiction?

Your Living Proof Podcast

The Living Proof podcast is a candid and insightful audio series hosted by Danny, featuring real-life stories and discussions about addiction and recovery. Guests share personal accounts, providing valuable perspectives, tips, and inspiration for individuals and families affected by addiction. It serves as a source of support, education, and encouragement for those touched by addiction.

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