Having survived his own life threatening addiction, Danny has always been passionate about sharing his story of overcoming and becoming what he had always dreamed of, a husband and father. Sharing that hope always led to the same questions from listeners, “How did you do it? How can I help my loved one have the same outcome?” It was those repeated questions that led Danny to discover his ultimate purpose:

creating a proven path forward for families affected by addiction.

After a decade of working as a certified interventionist, Danny and his wife Emily founded Living Proof Recovery Services in 2018 so they could pursue their true passion of helping families unite and unlock their power against the bully of addiction. Danny and Emily believe that families are the greatest weapon against addiction and their mission is to empower as many families as possible with the support and tools they so desperately need to regain sanity and reclaim their loved one’s life.


My name is Danny and I am Living Proof that not only can you overcome a drug addiction, but you can become the greatest version of yourself through a full process of recovery.

In 2007 I was found minutes from death after being ravaged by a drug addiction that progressed over 8 years. I lost everything and everyone. My life was a heaping pile of wreckage and shattered pieces that many believed could never be restored. I chose to fight for my life and one day at a time, I rebuilt all that was lost.

Today I am 16 years into sobriety and my greatest honor is to have the title of husband and father. Outside of those two critical roles my favorite place to be is on the front lines with families who are affected by addiction.

My unique perspective and experience allows me to understand and help families gain traction and make progress. Watching my story will help you understand why.

Danny’s Story.


The icon highlights the L and P as well as symbolizes the path that addicts face; taking a detour off the path, but then coming full circle and getting back on the path in the right direction. It’s a hand-drawn icon with imperfect lines, highlighting the imperfect lives we all live.