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The Living Proof Process is the first of its kind. A fully immersive premium program + private community created exclusively for YOU. That’s right, YOU. The family suffering behind the addict.

We exist to support YOU because we know YOU are the best chance your loved one has at recovery.

The Living Proof Process consists of three life changing components:

  • A self-paced, fully immersive online course with 5 industry leading modules—delivered in the comfort of your home or wherever is most convenient.

  • Weekly support calls facilitated by Danny and other addiction recovery professionals through the private Living Proof online community.

  • A private group of cheerleaders and friends learning the same concepts as you that you can connect with, learn from, and build meaningful relationships with. We know this experience has been isolating.

When you invest in the Living Proof Process you receive lifetime access to the entire library of lessons inside this program including: all resources, exercises, and all support material that has been produced and will be produced in the future inside the Living Proof Process.

The Program delivers hours of intensive instruction and content by Danny Deaton, the industry leader in family led addiction support. The thoughtfully curated lessons and exercises create an easily digestible cadence of learning which allows you to learn the proven model—while immediately implementing changes inside of your home and making difficult decisions with much more context and confidence.

Enrollment in the Living Proof Process gives you direct access to Course Creator, Danny Deaton, through the weekly support calls in the private Living Proof Community. There are several different opportunities each week to participate in the group calls so finding a time that works best for you will not be a problem. When you choose to participate in the calls, you have the opportunity to ask questions, as well as receive input from others in the community that are all at different points in their journey. This highly engaged and invested community will feel like the best, and most supportive friends you have been missing for so long. This added layer of support is what makes this process so powerful and life changing.

What Will You Learn Inside the Living Proof Process?

You will learn how to move forward even if your loved one doesn’t want help right now.

You will learn how to effectively intervene in your loved ones life.

You will learn exactly what your role is, and what it isn’t.

You will learn where to focus your energy.

You will learn where you can stop wasting money.

You will learn how to speak the language of addiction recovery.

You will learn the truth about rehab—what to look for and what to not stress about.

You will learn the full framework for long term addiction recovery—no more piecing things together as you go—no more letting your loved one dictate the path.

You will learn how to save thousands of dollars with insurance and other money savings tips.

If your loved one had failed attempts before you will learn why that happened and how to do better this time.

You will learn how to regain sanity and rebuild unity inside your family.

You will learn how to create boundaries without guilt or fear.

You will learn how to support your loved one through the first 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, and YEARS into recovery—no more wishing and hoping—you will learn how to build a structure of support and maintain it.

You will learn how to face your deepest fears and how to tactically approach your biggest challenges.

If you ever wanted professional guidance with an honest and unbiased approach, joining this program will be the best investment you could make towards achieving your desired outcome.

You will have exclusive access to the industry’s leading addiction recovery expert whose specialty is working with families just like yours, as well as a private community of warriors just like you. This is literally priceless.

Gain access to the BEST RESOURCE for families, on addiction recovery today.

Community and What You Really Want

“The best weapon in the world against addiction is a family that learns to effectively intervene.”

—Danny Deaton